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Florida Homestead Check™ was created by a Florida Real Estate Attorney after seeing so many buyers and sellers harmed by a lack of understanding of the property tax laws. He thought “Why not form a company that will provide an easy and affordable way for any Florida homeowner to see if they are maximizing their savings, and if not, show them how to fix the situation?” From this idea our core product the Florida Homestead Check™ was born.

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Are you considering buying or selling a home? Maybe you’re a Realtor® who makes their living guiding Buyer and Sellers through the unfamiliar landscape of a real estate transaction. Or perhaps you’re a real estate attorney or title agent who handles the closings. If you’re doing any of this in Florida, Property Taxes are an important subject to you. Florida has some of the most generous property tax laws for homeowners in the nation, but they are also the most complicated. It’s not very likely you’ll learn all you need to know from some pamphlets in the county property appraiser’s office, or a 2 minute introduction during a closing. There’s never been a resource in Florida where you could get focused help and support in the subject of residential property taxes - Until now.

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Minimize Your Property Tax Bill and Maximize Portability

Florida Homestead Check was created by an experienced real estate attorney for the sole purpose of making sure that Florida homeowners don’t pay a penny more in property taxes than necessary. Our products cover the beginning to the end of the home buying / selling, financing, and closing process. They are affordable, fast, and easy to use. We use information from the customer or their Real Estate Professional and governmental records to analyze the situation on a particular home, identify any issues and how much money is involved, and most importantly tell you how to correct them and get your property tax bill as low as possible.

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We Are Here To Help

Have you heard of Florida’s “Homestead Laws”? How about “Portability”? Did you know that there are dozens of property tax “Exemptions” that have complicated eligibilty conditions? There are hard filing dates, special forms to use, procedures to follow, and things that need to be checked up on annually. There’s a lot to know about residential property taxes that often goes overlooked, but now with FHC you don’t have to know or understand the subject - because we do and we are here to help.

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Many people think that if they “file for Homestead” that they are covered and will get all of the savings that they should get. Unfortunately, this is for the most part not true

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Giving Back To Florida

Florida Homestead Check commits 10% of our profits to our 501c3 foundation, The Florida Homestead Check Foundation™, which then provides the money to charitable efforts which (1) work towards eradicating homelessness in Florida, and (2) provide down payment assistance for needy first-time home buyers. We believe that owning a home is one of the most important ways to build long-term wealth and security for Floridians.

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Our mission is to help all Florida homeowners maximize the benefits and savings afforded to them under Florida's property tax laws. Florida Homestead Check™ puts money back in the pockets of Florida homeowners by helping them to maximize their Homestead Savings™.

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Have questions about Homestead laws or your Property Tax Analysis results? The Homestead Counselors are standing by to answer any questions. Need help fixing a Homestead issue? Hire the Homestead Doctors to correct issues on your behalf for a fee.

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Homestead Check™

Check for common Homestead problems like valuation errors, missed portability, and missed exemptions.

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With a Homestead Monitoring™ subscription you will get a Property Tax Analysis every year at a discounted rate.

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Need some help after getting your property tax analysis results? Call the Homestead Counselors™ for help.

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