Shopping for a home in Florida?

Find out how much your home payment will be including property taxes and insurance

Step 1 - Use The Winston™ Payment Calculator

Winston™ is the only payment calculator built specifically for Florida to provide an accurate total payment estimate

Calculate your total monthly payment including Mortgage, Property Taxes, Insurance, and Fees

Most payment calculators do fine with the mortgage interest and principal but they are way off on the property taxes and insurance,

Our payment calculator, which we call Winston™, is almost 100% accurate with estimating your future homes Property Taxes, and is the most accurate estimate you can get for insurance.

Winston calculates insurance payments using factors like age of construction, wind zones, flood zones, and even sinkhole risks.

Winston uses local tax rates and even takes into account if you have accrued Portability Savings from a prior home in Florida that will lower your tax bill.

Winston is 100% Free - just answer a few questions and run payment estimates on as many homes as you want!

Step 2 - Use The Homestead Filing Packet™

Once you are in the process of buying your home in Florida use the Homestead Filing Packet™

In 4 easy-to-follow pages, the Homestead Filing Packet™ walks you through everything you need to do. Online filing link, all forms that you’ll need, access to our Exemption Finder™ to identify all your savings... it’s all there. Plus access to our Property Tax Counseling Center for any questions and filing assistance that you need.

Step 3 - Learn More About Florida Property Taxes

I just want to learn more about property taxes in Florida

You can access many articles written by our staff, browse important Florida Attorney General Opinions on tax law subjects, link to statutes and caselaw, and work towards your own independent education on Florida property tax law. We’re an open book- we just want to help Florida homeowners save money on their property taxes!