Florida Homestead Check™ Terms Of Use

Florida Homestead Check, LLC (“FHC”) is a Florida limited liability company. Our offices are based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. A Homestead Check™ is a patent pending Florida property tax analysis created using our proprietary property database and software. The purpose of a Homestead Check™ is to point out if the client has made errors or omissions in their property tax filings which are resulting in the client paying more than is necessary in property tax, or if valuation errors have occurred which will affect future property tax savings. If such issues are pointed out, a Homestead Check™ will also contain information which will explain to the client how the issue may be repaired, if repair is possible. Instructional videos, Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, and access to a chatbot service called Homestead Chat™ are also provided with a Homestead Check™. The Homestead University™ refers to an assemblage of videos and information intended to help a client self-educate on Florida property tax issues. Access to the Homestead University™ is limited to those persons who have purchased a Homestead Check™ within the previous 12 months. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of a Homestead Check™ the report is prepared using source data from the Florida Department of Revenue and all 67 Florida County Property Appraisers. Florida Homestead Check, LLC is not responsible for errors in a Homestead Check™ which are the result of erroneous source data or errors in the answers provided by the client in ordering a Homestead Check™. In the event that a Homestead Check™ contains an error which is the result of inaccurate analysis or another error on our part, and the error results in an unrecoverable or unrepairable loss of property tax savings of $1,000 or more, then our liability is limited to a maximum amount of $1,000, no matter the additional amount of the loss or damage. Videos, forms, and video and form links are copyrighted and are licensed only for the use of the person who has purchased a Homestead Check™- no further dissemination is authorized.

The Florida Homestead Counselors™ is a wholly owned service of Florida Homestead Check, LLC which employs persons who have received training in the applicable areas of Florida property tax laws. These persons are not attorneys and are not providing legal advice. The Florida Homestead Counselors™ will explain the results of Homestead Checks™ and associated issues and repairs steps to clients. They will also provide overview educational information regarding Florida’s property tax laws and filing procedures.

The Homestead Doctors™ is a wholly owned service of Florida Homestead Check, LLC which employs persons who have received training in the procedures for repairing common issues identified in Homestead Checks™ with the applicable county property appraiser office and the applicable county Value Adjustment Board if necessary. If you choose to use the Homestead Doctors™ to assist you with any of the services offered you understand and agree that there is no guaranty of success or outcome. If you suffer loss or damage because of a mistake made by the Homestead Doctors™ then our liability is limited to the refund of any amount paid by you for the associated Homestead Doctor™ services. If you use the Homestead Doctors™ to file an action with the Value Adjustment Board for your county then you are designating the individual person acting as your Homestead Doctor™ as a non-licensed compensated representative and the appraiser who has prepared the associated appraisal as a non-licensed compensated representative licensed professional to represent you in the filing of the necessary forms and documentation and appearance on your behalf if necessary at the Value Adjustment Board hearing. This designation is made via a Power of Attorney meeting the requirements of Part II of Florida Statute 709. The Homestead Doctors™ are not attorneys and do not give legal advice. If you are unsuccessful in your attempt with the Homestead Doctors™ to achieve a particular result with the Value Adjustment Board then you have a right of appeal to the circuit court having jurisdiction in the matter. Florida Homestead Check, LLC does not represent clients in such circuit court appeals- it is required that you obtain the services of a licensed attorney for all such matters.

The Market Value Adjustment Addendum©, the Power of Attorney for Representation Before the Value Adjustment Board©, the Evidence Request Form©, and all other forms and documents developed by or on behalf of Florida Homestead Check, LLC, including but not limited to the Homestead Check™, are copyrighted or trademarked and are the intellectual property of Florida Homestead Check, LLC. All rights are reserved and these documents are not authorized for the dissemination, distribution, or use by any other persons or entities other than the particular client for whom the Homestead Check™ was conducted and then only for the use of that client with respect to a case for which the Homestead Doctors™ have been hired.

The FHC Appraisal Network™ (the “Network”) is a proprietary network of residential appraisers licensed under Ch. 475 Florida Statutes. The Network is only available for the use of Florida Homestead Check, LLC clients who have purchased a Homestead Check™ and need to access the Network to obtain an appraisal to fix an issue identified in the Homestead Check™. The dissemination or publication of any lists or other documentation associated with the Network is not authorized. If you have purchased a Homestead Check™ and you obtain an appraisal through the Network, then whether or not you have hired the Homestead Doctors™ to handle the repair case, you authorize the appraiser who has prepared the associated appraisal to upload the appraisal to FHC and any FHC database or storage facility. You also authorize FHC to use any information contained in the appraisal for any purpose deemed desirable by FHC.

When you submit an order for a Homestead Check™ you authorize the information that you have provided to be utilized by FHC for any purposes that it deems necessary or desirable, subject to the following restrictions. Most information that you provide is publicly available. For that information which is not publicly available, we restrict our sharing as follows: We may share your age, but we will not share your date of birth. We will restrict sharing of your income information in such a manner so as to only allow advertisers of products or services who purchase information from us to advertise to a particular income range of persons, but not in a manner which would allow any third party to know your personal income linked with your name.

Homestead Monitoring™ is a wholly owned service provided by FHC which assists in ensuring that you do not forget to run Homestead Checks™ on an annual basis. If you register for Homestead Monitoring™ within 90 days of when you have ordered a Homestead Check™, then FHC will run another Homestead Check™ during the first 2 weeks of February and provide you with the results. The purpose of this timing is that generally all Florida property appraisers have completed their valuations of properties within their jurisdictions and the information has become available and there is a reasonable period of time remaining before the filing deadline of March 1st each year. If you register for Homestead Monitoring™ and maintain your payment information current then you will receive a 25% discount on the first and subsequent Homestead Checks™ ordered. If our system is unable to process payment for a future Homestead Check™ for you and you have registered for Homestead Monitoring™ then we will make 3 attempts to notify you and obtain updated payment information. If after these 3 attempts your payment information has not been updated and cannot be processed then your Homestead Monitoring™ registration will be de-activated and the next Homestead Check™ ordered will revert to the regular price. Homestead Monitoring™ may be re-initiated after payment of a subsequent Homestead Check™ at regular price by re-registering.

Florida law shall govern any action brought by you or us concerning any matter related to services provided or offered by FHC. Jurisdiction and venue of any such action shall lie in the appropriate court of Duval County, Florida. YOU HEREBY AGREE TO WAIVE ANY RIGHT OF REMOVAL TO FEDERAL COURT AND TO WAIVE YOUR RIGHT TO TRIAL BY JURY OF ANY SUCH MATTER. Florida Homestead Check, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, but shall not discriminate in the offering of its services to anyone on the basis of race, creed, national origin, sexual identification or preference, or gender. You specifically agree that if you are in violation of these terms of service that FHC shall be entitled to seek any relief available under law or equity to enforce your compliance, including but not limited to injunctive relief and damages. You specifically agree to emergency injunctive relief to prevent the unauthorized dissemination or distribution of any trademarked or copyrighted, or patent protected intellectual property of FHC by you. In the event of any dispute between you and FHC, the prevailing party shall be entitled to a full recovery of reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.

When you enter an order for a Homestead Check™, purchase a counseling session with the Homestead Counselors™, engage the Homestead Doctors™, or otherwise utilize any of our products or services, then you are at that time agreeing to all terms and conditions in this Terms of Service.

©2019 Florida Homestead Check, LLC, Patent-pending, all rights reserved.