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No more big escrow account adjustments! Buying or refinancing a home can be stressful enough for homeowners. Unfortunately the way that most lenders set up property tax escrow accounts often results in big adjustments the first two years after closing. The way that Florida’s homestead laws work these adjustments can be very large - resulting in a borrower being surprised with out-of-pocket cash requirements and a much higher payment than they budgeted for! SmartEscrow™ takes into account existing “portability”, actual local county and municipality tax tables, and other intricacies of Florida’s unique property tax laws so that the borrower’s property tax escrow account is set up accurately with no need for any significant adjustments in the future!

Smart Escrow For Reps

Smart Escrow For Reps

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Your Smart Escrow Report™ calculates your property tax situation for the set up of your mortgage escrow. It accounts for accrued Portability from a prior home, if any, and the Standard Homestead Exemption

How Does It Work?

Simply enter some simple information about the homeowner’s current and former Florida home (if applicable), and SmartEscrow™ instantly produces a simple one page report that shows how much up-front funds must be collected for the escrow account, the accurate monthly payment amount, and even the pro-rated property tax credit between the Buyer and Seller for purchase transactions! SmartEscrow™ will also identify if the homeowner has “Portability” from a prior home that they can transfer to lower their property tax bill and will take it into account in the escrow account setup. If the report is run for a refinance transaction and the homeowner forgot to file for Homestead or had portability to transfer and forgot to file for it an alert is generated with information on how to easily correct the oversight.

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What's The Difference

SmartEscrow™ takes into account whether or not the buyer is a current Florida homeowner and if they have accrued transferable portability under the Homestead laws. It also takes into account the exact local tax rates, the time of year in which the closing occurs, and conducts a very accurate estimate of the initial market valuation of the property on which the taxes will be based. SmartEscrow™ utilizes the Florida Dept. of Revenue tax databases and takes into account each homebuyer’s personal details that will have an effect on their tax bill. It even figures out based on the time of year the buyer/seller credits and pro-rations for the current year tax bill!

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How Much Does It Cost?

SmartEscrow™ is an incredible value at a cost of only $25 per report. You can include the cost on the settlement statement and mail us a check after closing like you do for all other payees, or pay for your report right away using a credit card online.

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If you are a lender or a title/closing agent and would like to set up an account with us that will allow you to run Smart Escrow™ reports for your transactions and pay at the time of closing please click the button below

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a SmartEscrow™ Report?

    SmartEscrow™ is a new easy tool for use by Lenders and Closing Agents in Florida to accurately handle property tax escrow account setup. Your SmartEscrow™ report will show how much money to collect up-front at closing towards the property tax escrow, the correct amount for the property tax escrow payment each month, and even the correct pro-ration for current-year property taxes on the settlement statement

  • How much does a SmartEscrow™ Report cost?

    SmartEscrow™ reports are only $25.00! You can include the cost on the settlement statement and mail us a check after closing like you do for all other payees, or pay right away using a credit card.

  • What if the Lender or Servicer ignores the SmartEscrow™ Report?

    Lenders often request assistance from Title/Closing Agents in setting up the property tax escrow account. They’ll often request the prior year’s tax bill (which couldn’t be any worse of an idea in Florida), or request that you use the county tax assessor’s “Tax Estimator” or similar product to provide them with estimates. If you’ve used a SmartEscrow™ report, then none of that is necessary and the escrow account setup will be accurate IF the Lender or Servicer chooses to follow it. If they don’t, then the customer can’t blame you!

  • How long will it take to get my results report back?

    You can expect to get your SmartEscrow™ Report results back within a few minutes of placing your order. Some reports take more work than others to generate (such as if a property record is redacted). If you do not see any results within 24 hours please contact us at

  • Why should I get a SmartEscrow™ Report?

    Big escrow adjustments are very upsetting to customers! Ask any loan officer or closing agent how many angry calls they get at the end of every year. Some homeowners find that their property tax payment is going to be far higher than they anticipated- leading to stress and negative consequences. Others find that their property tax payment will actually go down from what was estimated, and that means that they could have perhaps qualified for a higher loan amount. Either way, it’s not a desirable result and homebuyers don’t like it!

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