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Florida has some of the most generous property tax laws in the nation, but unfortunately, most Floridians don't know how to completely take advantage of them. There is A LOT more to it than just the basic $50,000 Homestead exemption and 80% of Floridians are overpaying. There are over 30 different exemptions you can be eligible for, market value errors to find, and an important strategy for maximizing your portability savings to transfer to your next home. Because of this, Floridians overpay $2500 a year on average!

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Our founder, a Florida Real Estate attorney of 20 years, created Florida Homestead Check™ as an easy and affordable way for Homeowners to make sure they're getting all the savings they're entitled to on their property taxes. Your Homestead Check™ will see if you have failed to file for Homestead, if you forgot to file for Portability, if your market valuation needs to be adjusted, and if there are any exemptions that you missed. It will also provide step by step instructions and videos for fixing any problems, links to any forms you will need, and valuable information on how to make sure that your Homestead Savings™ are maximized in the future.

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Florida's Homestead laws are complicated and there are savings that most Floridans are missing out on. 80% of Florida homeowners are overpaying because they haven't fully taken advantage of our Homestead laws. A Florida Homestead Check™ makes sure you are getting all of the savings you are entitled to.

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We analyze your Homestead information, using our algorithms and databases, checking for problems and finding any exemptions you are eligible for.

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Your report will be either Green, Yellow, or Red depending on the number of issues found along with detailed instructions on how to fix them.

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Short Story - Senior Exemptions

Short Story - Military Exemptions

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Homestead Exemptions For Senior Citizens

Homestead Exemptions For Senior Citizens

Florida Senior Citizens - 65 Years or Older Homestead Exemption NOTE: This exemption applies by local ordinance only, so if it was not adopted for your county or municipality, then it may not be available to you. If you are 65 years of age or older, were living on your homestead property...

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Florida's Deployed Military Property Tax Exemptions

Florida's Deployed Military Property Tax Exemptions

If you are a Florida Homeowner and service member that was deployed, you could be eligible for a reduction in your property tax bill. If you are a service member who was deployed outside of the US, Alaska, or Hawaii in support of a qualified military operation you may be eligible...

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About Florida's Named Storm Damage Assessments

About Florida's Named Storm Damage Assessments

If your Homestead property is damaged by a named storm you can remodel up to 110% without increasing your assessed value! If your home was damaged by a named storm, make sure that you call your county property appraiser and request a Storm Damage Assessment. For a period of 3 years...

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