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Florida has very generous but complicated property tax laws. Many homeowners end up overpaying their property taxes by thousands of dollars each year because they believe that filing for Homestead is all there is to it. Our company was founded by a Florida real estate attorney to help homeowners identify problems with their property tax bill and provide a solution for correcting them.

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Florida's Homestead Laws Are Complicated

Since the addition of "Portability" in 2008, there is now an important strategy to minimizing your tax bill and maximizing the amount of tax savings that you can take with you to future homes in Florida. A Florida Homestead Check is a property tax analysis tool that makes it easy to identify problems that are causing you to pay more in taxes and show you how to fix them.

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Answer a few questions about your property and within minutes a Homestead Check will analyse your property tax situation and provide everything you need to minimize your property tax bill and maximize your Homestead Savings.

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A Homestead Check will identify Homestead and property tax related issues like low market value, high assessed value, missed portability, and missed exemptions that can add up to as much as $10,000 per year in property tax savings.

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Get access to our team of property tax experts, the Homestead Counselors, to answer any questions for free with your Hoemstead Check. Need some help? You can hire the Homestead Doctors to fix a property tax related issue on your behalf.

How A Homestead Check Works

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Homestead Check

Start saving money on your property tax bill. The Homestead Check is becoming a standard process when buying or selling a home in Florida to make sure homeowners get all of the tax savings available to them. When selling a home it will spot any valuation problems and show you how to maximize the amount of portability available to transfer to your next home. When buying a home it helps you file for Homestead correctly, bring over the maximum amount of portability from your previous home (if you had one), and identify all of the exemptions that you are currently eligible for.

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Put a stop to big escrow account adjustments! Now there is an easy way to make sure that property tax escrows are set up properly so that no big adjustments are necessary. We call it SmartEscrow. In less than 2 minutes you can answer a few easy questions and get a report that tells you exactly how much money should be collected up front and how much the monthly property tax escrow payment should be. Built on our Homestead Check architecture, SmartEscrow takes into account Homestead Portability, actual tax rates for the county / municipality, and even calculates the correct property tax pro-ration between the buyer and seller on purchases.

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Stay up to date with the latest Homestead and property tax related articles and stories. You can also find helpful tips and articles explaining Florida’s complicated Homestead Laws that walk you through the process for correcting issues.

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