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How Title Agents can help their customers save money on property taxes

As a Title Agent, you are the first step to Homestead filing for the buyer and the last chance to check Portability for the seller

1. An easier and more comprehensive way to explain Homestead filing to buyers.
2. Check the seller's Portability in less than one minute.

How we can help your Buyers

Buyers need to know how, where, and when to file for Homestead. They need to know what exemptions they are eligible for, and they may have questions.

Step 1 - Use the Homestead Filing Packet™

Skip the Homestead speech and simply include A Homestead Filing Packet™ with your closing documents

The Homestead Filing Packet™ gives your Buyer everything that they will need to file for Homestead and Portability, access to our Exemption Checker™ which checks their eligibility for all 24+ of the available exeptions, and access to our Property Tax Counseling Center™ where they can ask any questions and get assistance with their filings. It takes seconds to order, only costs $25, and can be emailed to the Buyer as a PDF with active links to all forms, online filing for their county, the Exemption Checker™, and Property Tax Counseling Center access code.

How we can help your Sellers

When dealing with sellers it is crucial that you check on your client’s Portability as early as possible in the sales transaction. If there are issues and they close without fixing them, savings that could have easily been gotten may be permanently lost. And don’t worry, we know how to fix these things without delaying your closing.

Step 1 - Start using our Portability Checker

Use Portability Pros™ to identify how much Portability your client has accrued and if they could have more

It takes less than a minute and is only $9.99! Use Portability Pros™ as soon as you open a closing file. Portability Pros™ will tell you how much homestead portability the homeowner has accrued and whether or not our system shows that they should have more. A lack of portability can be due to some common errors with county property appraiser valuation systems, or because the homeowner forgot to file for portability when they filed for Homestead. If the report shows room for improvement, simply download the pdf, email it to the Seller, and save a copy in your file to document that you told them.

Step 2 - Adopt our Homestead Protocol

3 easy steps that take less than 2 minutes will ensure that your buyers and sellers are protected from Homestead related losses

We have come up with an easy 3 step protocol for Title Agents and Real Estate Attorneys to use which will always protect your Buyers and Sellers and make sure that they maximize their property tax savings! Just click the button below to download a copy for Free.

Step 3 - Become a Florida Homestead Check REP

Become a REP and help your customers while making an extra $25 per file.

Our core product is a comprehensive property tax analysis paired with a counseling session which we call a Homestead Check™. It's the best way for Buyers and Sellers to make sure that they get all possible property tax savings. A Homestead Check™ will not only identify issues, it explains how to fix them and provides an unlimited-time counseling session with our Property Tax Counseling Center™. Normally a Homestead Check™ is $250, but if offered through an FHC REP the customer receives a discounted price of $125, and the REP receives $25 (RESPA/CFPB Compliant!). Do your clients a great service and make extra money at the same time!