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Get the most accurate loan payment estimates possible by factoring in the complexities of Florida's property tax laws. Our Loan Payment Optimizer provides calculations using traditional methods as well as refined and optimized results that take property tax components like Homestead, county tax rates, and portability savings.

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Loan Payment Optimizer


More accurate loan payment estimates provide you a competitive edge

When a homebuyer calls a potential lender to get payment and rate information for their loan, it’s important that any estimates given to them be as accurate as possible. Believe it or not, the current approach is to say “OK- here’s our payment estimate based on the proposed loan amount, term and interest rate. But the property tax portion of this estimate could be way off, so don’t count on it.” In the best case scenarios, Lenders currently will look at the purchase price of the property and use a rough rule-of-thumb tax rate estimate to figure the property tax bill, which doesn’t take into account any available exemptions to the buyer or if they have accrued transferable portability savings in their current home! This can cause the property tax bill to be OVERESTIMATED by as high as $800/month!

Worst case scenario, the Lender will engage in the highly inaccurate practice of looking at the current property tax bill for the home in which the buyer is interested and use that as the estimate. This method does not take into account homestead-related property tax caps on the current property and can cause an UNDERESTIMATION of the property tax bill by an essentially unlimited amount.

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Imagine getting a loan thinking your property tax bill is going to be $1,800 a year only to find out the year following the year in which you buy the home that the tax bill is actually going to be $7,500 a year. This happens to people every day in Florida presently.


Start A Loan Payment Optimizer

Just provide the purchase price of the property your client is buying, as well as their current property address, and (optionally) any former homestead properties they may have owned in Florida. Our advanced algorithms will then process your information against our databases and the county tax rolls to identify issues and opportunities for property tax savings.

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Get Your Optimized Payment Results

You will receive your Loan Payment Optimizer report via email within minutes. It will include a traditional payment calculation, as well as a refined payment (based on transfer of existing portability), an optimized payment (based on optimization of current portability which requires corrective actions to be completed as identified in Homestead Check™ report), and a property tax disclosure for your client.

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Loan Payment Optimizer

Lenders use at the very beginning call in the loan application process to accurately estimate the property tax component of the mortgage payment and to identify important issues that may need to be addressed if the applicant still owns their prior home in Florida or owned one this or the previous calendar year. The Loan Payment Optimizer™ is free to participating Lenders. Sign up with your information using the form to have us contact you with details.

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