Florida Homestead Check For Homeowners & Buyers

A lot of money is at stake when you are buying or selling a home. Most people think that "filing for Homestead" is all there is to it, but the laws offer much more in tax savings that go unclaimed. A property tax analysis will ensure that you get all of the savings available under the law.

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What Is A Florida Homestead Check?

Florida's Homestead Laws are some the most generous in the nation, but they are also the most complicated. A Homestead Check™ is a property tax analysis that evaluates your Homestead property for tax saving opportunities that you are not taking advantage of and then walks you through getting them.

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You could have hundreds of thousands in portability savings waiting to be claimed!

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80% of Florida homeowners are overpaying their property taxes!

Errors on the county tax rolls and oversights with your Homestead filing can cost you thousands of dollars in extra taxes each year. The laws are complicated and, unfortunately, only the very basics are explained during the process of buying or selling a home.

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Florida Homeowners Overpaying Property Taxes

Florida Homeowners That Don't File For Portability

The Problems Costing Homeowners Thousands

Market Value Errors

Did you know that the Market Value on the tax rolls is usually way lower than it should be? This is a serious problem in Florida! It robs homeowners of valuable Portability that they can transfer to their next home in Florida. If your home’s market value is low you need to get it adjusted on the tax rolls BEFORE closing or valuable tax savings will be wiped out permanently!

Unclaimed Portability

Portability allows you to transfer Homestead Savings™ you have accumulated over time to your next home. This has a huge impact on your tax bill. Most people do not file for portability! That means that valuable portability savings are still sitting there waiting to be claimed. They can be claimed any time before you sell the current home by just filing one simple form!

Missed Exemptions

Sure there’s the $50,000 standard exemption, but there are dozens more. Did you know that moving parents or grandparents into a Granny Flat can save up to 20% of the property tax bill? Did you know that all senior citizens with income under about $30k get another $50,000 exemption? Did you know that some senior citizens are completely exempt from having to pay property taxes? There are over 30 exemptions that you could be eligible for.

Florida Homestead Check Property Tax Analysis Sample

Sample Property Tax Analysis Report


Many people think that if they “file for Homestead” that they are covered and will get all of the savings that they should get. Unfortunately, this is for the most part not true

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How A Property Tax Analysis Works

Our founder, a Real Estate Attorney, created the property tax analysis to make it easy for Homeowners maximize their tax savings without having to hire an attorney or spend months studying the laws and the exeptions they might be eligible for. We estimate that Floridians are paying $2500 a year too much on average.

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Start Your Check

Just enter some basic information about yourself, your Homestead property or the property you are buying, as well as your Homestead history.

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Property Tax Analysis

Our advanced algorithms then calculates your information against our databases and the county tax roles to identify issues and eligibility for savings.

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Get Your Results

Your Property Tax Analysis results will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Your report will identify any problems, how much they are costing you, and how to fix them.

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Need some help after getting your report?

Have questions about Homestead laws or your Property Tax Analysis results? The Homestead Counselors are standing by to answer any questions. Need help fixing a Homestead issue? Hire the Homestead Doctors to correct issues on your behalf for a fee.

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Homestead Monitoring™

With a Homestead Monitoring™ subscription you will get a Property Tax Analysis every year at a discounted rate.

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Homestead Counselors™

Need some help after getting your property tax analysis results? Call the Homestead Counselors™ for help.

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Homestead Doctors™

Don't have time to fix your Homestead problem? Hire the Homestead Doctors™ to handle it for you for a fee.

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