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Accurate Property Taxes

Property taxes in Florida are complicated. Our "Homestead" laws offer generous tax savings through exemptions and a cap on the rate at which your homes taxable value can increase. Winston™ takes all of these factors into account to perform accurate calculations

Analyze Insurance Risks

Insurance can be a large factor in your total monthly payment. Winston™ will sniff out the year the home was built as well as what wind, flood, and sinkhole zones it resides in to help estimate the total insurance risk for your potential property.

Compare Home Payments

Winston™ will save your search results so you can easily compare mortgage payments, insurance risks, and property taxes between homes while shopping to help you make a more informed puchase decision before you start making offers on the ones you like.

Winston™ is the best way to shop for homes in Florida

Shopping for a new home in Florida? Imagine thinking that your payment will be one thing and then finding out that it is actually going to be $500 a month higher. This scenario plays out every day for home buyers in Florida. Why? Because no other payment calculator takes Florida's Homestead Laws or portability into account. Not doing so can result in errors of more than $800 a month! Winston™ is the only calculator built around Florida's unique Homestead laws and insurance risks. Best of all, Winston™ is 100% free to use for Florida home shoppers!

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Florida Homestead Property Tax Analysis Form Example

The only payment calculator with accurate property taxes

Florida has complicated property tax laws when it comes to Homestead Properties. If you have owned, or currently own, a Homestead property then it is important that you use Winston™ for accurate property tax estimates. Winston™ will take portability savings found from your former home into account when calculating your monthly payments. This can result in up to a $800 difference since your property taxes are tied to your mortgage payments.

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Get the whole picture with targeted insurance estimates

When shopping for homes it is important to consider the insurance risks of each property. A home located in a high risk flood zone could cost hundreds more per month to insure than another home at higher elevation down the street. Winston™ will identify the year a home is constructed and the construction type as well as what wind, flood, and sinkhole zones the property is located in. This data is then used to estimate that homes monthly insurance payment,

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