Florida Homestead Check Videos

Watch our videos and commercials highlighting the many scenarios that a Florida Homestead Check™ can save you money on property taxes every year that you live in your home. There are over 30 exemptions in addition to market value errors and maximizing portability for your next home

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You could have hundreds of thousands in portability savings waiting to be claimed!

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Florida Homestead Check Videos

  • Dan Marino Explainer

    When Dan Marino found out that we were going to be saving Floridians so much money on their property taxes he had to get involved. We visited his home in Florida and provided a Homestead Check™ for his friends and family and every one of them had savings they had no clue about. "These laws are here to help us... The problem is they are too complicated, stressful and honestly boring. Florida Homestead Check™ is an easy and affordable way to realize savings and learn how to transfer savings to a new property."

  • Homestead Portability Feature

    The Peterson Family had been living in their home for eight years. Not only was their family growing but they had a large change in their market value over the years. After getting their first Homestead Check™ it told them that they could take the savings they have accumulated over the past 8 years and transfer it to a new home. Which means they could afford a larger home in an area they didn’t think they couldn’t afford. They now recommend a Homestead Check™ to all their friends and family. She said “we have pretty much helped our whole block!”.

  • Senior Citizen Feature

    There are dozens of senior citizen discounts that you may not know about. In this case, Derek had saved his whole life to be able to retire and enjoy his little “slice of heaven”. When Derek had received his first Homestead Check™ he had found out he was eligible for additional exemptions when he turned 65. Before his Homestead Check™ he was planning to pay his property taxes from his social security. Now that he has extra savings, he was able to have a little more money to enjoy his retirement. Derek said “Getting a homestead check was one of the smartest thing I did, plus it was only $175”.

  • First Time Home Buyer Feature

    The Davidson Family saved for a long time to buy their first home. When Sara did her first Homestead Check™ she discovered that they had never filed for Homestead. She then remembered her closing agent mentioning it, but had no clue how to file. Florida Homestead Check™ made it easy to understand such a complicated subject. Now the Davidson's are saving over $1000 a year, and since they signed up for Homestead Monitoring™ they never need to worry about fluctuating property values effecting their Homestead Savings™ for their next home.

  • Military & Veteran Feature

    Serving in the Navy is something that LT Hadley is very proud of. He loves his family and his Country. Being in the Navy means he’s on deployment overseas for sometime more than half the year. A friend had told him that Florida has some property tax laws that helps active duty military save money. When he ran his first Homestead Check, he found out that he was eligible for a large military discount. They also learned about Homestead Monitoring™. Now his family will get a Homestead Check™ at the perfect time every year. LT Hadley said, “With Florida Homestead Check, the savings just keep on coming!”

  • Real Estate Professional Feature

    As a RE agent, clients are paying you to be their guide through a very complex process, and since it’s a competitive market, you want to be the best guide you can! For years, Real Estate Professionals didn't understand how complicated Florida’s property tax laws were and how important it was to identify issues as early in the process as possible. Worst of all, most of them don't know that there are huge savings that can be completely wiped out if you don’t fix things before a closing. When Florida Homestead Check™ came along, a Homestead Check™ became a very important tool for Realtors®. Now when taking a a new listing, they run one right away.