Protect Your Savings With Homestead Monitoring™

Homestead Monitoring™ is a subscription service that provides you with a property tax analysis report each year at the most opportune time and at a discounted cost. It will ensure that you never miss an exemption that you may become eligible for and ensures that your Portability savings are always maximized if you decide to sell your home.


Florida Homestead Monitoring

Florida Homestead Monitoring

Florida Homestead Monitoring™ is a subscription service and is billed annually.

Florida Homestead Monitoring

Why is a yearly Homestead Check important? Because every year your eligibility for exemptions can change and the Property Appraiser can change the Market Value of your home. Critical dates come and go every year. With Homestead Monitoring™ you can rest assured that you are getting every penny of savings that you are entitled to under the laws.


What Homestead Monitoring Looks For

  • Market Value and Assessed Value Errors

    Did you know that the Market Value on the tax rolls is usually way lower than it should be? This is a serious problem! It robs homeowners of valuable Portability that they can transfer to their next home in Florida. If your home’s market value is low you need to get it adjusted on the tax rolls BEFORE closing.

  • The "Save Our Homes" Exemption

    It's hard to believe, but 30% of eligible Homeowners in Florida forget to file for Homestead! We have even seen cases where a Homeowner thought the had their standard Homestead exemption in place but it had been removed from the tax records in error or by accident.

  • Unclaimed Portability Savings

    Portability allows you to transfer your accumulated Homestead Savings to your next home. Most people do not file for portability! That means that valuable portability savings are still sitting there waiting to be claimed. They can be claimed any time before you sell the current home by just filing one simple form! Your Property Tax Analysis will identify if you have Portability available from your former Homestead and exactly how much is available.

  • 30+ Additional Homestead Exemptions

    Sure there’s the $50,000 standard exemption, but there are dozens more. Did you know that moving parents or grandparents into a Granny Flat can save up to 20% of the property tax bill? Did you know that all senior citizens with income under about $30k get another $50,000 exemption? Did you know that some senior citizens are completely exempt from having to pay property taxes?

How Homestead Monitoring Works

Our founder, a Real Estate Attorney, created the property tax analysis to make it easy for Homeowners maximize their tax savings without having to hire an attorney or spend months studying the laws and the exeptions they might be eligable for. We estimate that Floridians are paying $2500 a year too much on average.

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Start Your Check

Just enter some basic information about yourself, your Homestead property or the property you are buying, as well as your Homestead history

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Property Tax Analysis

Our advanced algorithm then calculates your information against our databases and the county tax roles to identify issues and eligibily for savings

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Get Your Results

Your results will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Your report will identify any problems, how much they are costing you, and how to fix them.

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Life can be unpredictable, you don’t always know when you will sell your home. Make sure your get every dollar of Portability available for your next home with Homestead Monitoring

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much money can a Property Tax Analysis save me?

    That depends on a whole bunch of factors which is why a Property Tax Analysis is so important! We find an average savings $2,500/per year for our customers but we've seen many customers hit their portability cap of $500,000 which equates to $10,000 per year in property tax savings. The savings aren't just a one-time thing either. You will continue to see these savings every year that you live in your home. We will also show you how to maximize your Portability savings to transfer to your next home in Florida.

  • How much does Homestead Monitoring cost?

    Homestead Monitoring provides you with a yearly Property Tax Analysis at a discounted cost of $75. Our goal was to make the Property Tax Analysis affordable and available to all Floridians. The only other alternative until now for savvy homeowners has been to hire Real Estate Attorney to help you research your Homestead situation in order determine which exemptions you qualify for, how much Portability you are eligible for, whether your market or assessed values were correct, and how to maximize your Portability savings for significantly more money.

  • Why haven't I needed to get one in the past?

    Besides Homestead Exemptions the most important aspects of the Homestead laws that provide additional savings are Portability. Portability was passed into law in 2008 in order to help keep homeowners from being "trapped" in their long term homes that had been Homesteaded and had favorably low property taxes. After the great recession that year the values of homes throughout Florida were at their lowest. There weren't enough Portability savings at the time to be useful. Now that the values of homes have risen back up, and continue to climb, there are hundreds of thousands of accumulated Portability savings that Homeowners can transfer to their next home. Unfortunately, most people don't know this or understand how to maximize it to take full advantage of the law.

  • How long will it take to get my results report back?

    You can expect to get your Property Tax Analysis results back within 24 hours of placing your order. Some reports take more work than other to generate. If you do not see any results within 2 business days please contact us at

  • If my report comes back showing problems what should I do?

    Our goal is to explain to you how to fix any problems identified in your Homestead Check™ on your own. Your report will outline problems with your property tax bill and exactly how much they are costing you each year, as well as provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to fix them. However, we understand that sometimes you may just not have the time or desire to do so. If you have question or want us to fix your problems for you then contact the Homestead Counselors™ or the Homestead Doctors™ for help.

Ready To Start Saving With Homestead Monitoring?

A lot of money is at stake when you are buying or selling a home. Most people think that "filing for Homestead" is all there is to it, but the laws offer much more in tax savings that go unclaimed. A property tax analysis will ensure that you get all of the savings available under the law.


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