How Realtors® can help their customers save money on property taxes

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"I am a financial advisor. This company found property tax savings of over $3,780.00 per year, EVERY YEAR for life, for a client"

Curtis Henson - West Palm Beach, FL

How we can help Buyer's agents

When dealing with buyers it is crucial that they understand how to file for and identify all of the more than 24 different property tax exemptions that they may be eligible for.

Step 1 - Use the Homestead Filing Packet™

Ensure that your client understands Florida's Homestead Laws and get all the savings available to them with the Homestead Filing Packet™

An easy to understand 4 page document, the Homestead Filing Packet™ will provide the homeowner with easy to follow step-by-step instructions for homestead filing, access to all needed forms, a full evaluation of their eligibility for the 24+ Florida homestead exemptions on our website, a customized link for online filing, and most importantly- access to our Property Tax Counseling Center™ where they may ask a trained tax expert any questions and obtain assistance with their filing.

How we can help Listing Agents

When dealing with sellers it is crucial that you check on your client’s Portability as early as possible. If there are issues and they close without fixing them, savings that could have easily been achieved may be permanently lost. And don’t worry, we know how to fix these things without delaying your closing.

Step 1 - Use our Portability Checker

Use Portability Pros™ to identify how much Portability your client has accrued and if they could have more

Use Portability Pros™ as soon as you start talking to a Seller about listing their home. This free tool will tell you how much Portability the homeowner has accrued and whether they should have more. All you have to do is share the .pdf report with the client and advise them to call us for help fixing it. Finding your clients valuable savings on the property taxes is a very good thing!

Step 2 - Join the Realtor Assistance Center™

Get free same-day answers to your property tax and Florida Homestead questions

The RAC™ is a Free resource for Florida Realtors® where you can ask our experts about property tax and Homestead related questions, get branded Homestead Disclosures for your customers, and generate $50 off coupon codes for our Property Tax Analysis product.

Step 3 - Get Valuable Leads with Winston™

Winston™ not only calculates principal and interest, but accurately estimates Property Taxes and Insurance to give a complete payment overview

Winston™ is Florida’s most accurate payment calculator. Winston™ accurately calculates not only principal and interest, but accurately estimates Property Taxes and Insurance also! Winston™ is quickly becoming Florida’s most popular mortgage payment calculator..

I just want to learn more about property taxes in Florida

We specialize in assisting homeowners with understanding what property tax savings are available to them under the law and assisting them with obtaining those savings. The whole idea behind our products is to keep you from having to learn about the complexities of Florida’s property tax laws that affect homeowners. However, if you’d like to take a deep dive on your own this section offers lots of great information!

Step 1 - Learn More About Florida Property Taxes

Educate yourself on Florida property taxes

You can access many articles written by our staff, browse important Florida Attorney General Opinions on tax law subjects, link to statutes and caselaw, and work towards your own independent education on Florida property tax law. We’re an open book- we just want to help Florida homeowners save money on their property taxes!