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Florida's Deployed Military Property Tax Exemptions

Posted by Peter Legeza on

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Florida's Deployed Military Property Tax Exemptions

If you are a Florida Homeowner and service member that was deployed, you could be eligible for a reduction in your property tax bill.

If you are a service member who was deployed outside of the US, Alaska, or Hawaii in support of a qualified military operation you may be eligible to receive an additional exemption based on the number of days you were deployed.   For example,  If you were deployed on such duty for 30% of the prior year, then you receive an additional exemption for 30% of the property taxes on your homestead that you would have otherwise paid.  This exemption requires that you file a DR-501, DR-501M, and proof of qualifying deployment, which includes the dates of deployment. 

To learn more about whether you qualify for a deployed military exemption or any other exemption, as well as the process and forms needed, get a Florida Homestead Check.


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