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Florida's Homestead Laws are complicated and most Floridians are paying more than they should in property taxes. $2500 a year on average! We make getting it right simple. Our Homestead Services help you maximize your Homestead Savings™ and keep more money in your pocket every year that you live in your home.

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Florida Homestead Check™

A Homestead Check™ is a detailed property tax analysis that checks the 4 critical areas that effect how much you pay each year. We check for the basics like failure to file for Homestead, as well as complex problems like Portability issues, Market Value issues, and the dozens of Special Exemptions you may be eligible for. We then provide you with easy to follow instructions and videos explaining how to fix any problems we uncover. 8 in 10 Florida Homeowners are paying too much in property taxes!

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Florida Homestead Monitoring™

Because the value of your home is assessed every January 1st by your Property Appraiser, and because life is unpredictable (you never know for sure when you might need to sell your home), it’s a great idea to do a Homestead Check annually. When you sign up for our Homestead Monitoring service we will perform a Homestead Check™ for your property every year during the most opportune time at a discounted cost.

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Florida Homestead Counselors™

Our goal is to make your Homestead Check™ easily understandable. If our FAQ’s and free Homestead Chat™ service can’t answer your questions, then we understand that sometimes you just want to talk to a person. The Homestead Counselors™ are highly trained people who are good at explaining complicated things in a way that is easy to understand. They can walk you through the results of your Homestead Check™ and answer all your questions. Only $50 for a 30 minute session!

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Florida Homestead Doctors

Florida Homestead Doctors™

Another of our goals is to explain to you how to fix any problems identified in your Homestead Check™ on your own. However, we understand that sometimes you may just not have the time or desire to do so. The Homestead Doctors™ handle market valuation repair services for a very reasonable fee. We also offer statewide Homestead Filing services for folks who just don’t relish the idea of spending their afternoon or morning in the property appraiser’s office!

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